Thursday, December 02, 2010


Since last week I am having my new PC in use :3
My notebook and my emergency-PC burnt some of their hardware on the same day, with a gap of only some hours inbetween - which made the emergency-PC totally useless. Ive had luck that I don't need a computer this semester.

Now Im back but not 100%. I'm quite busy and I won't have much time to spend on the internet and scanning pictures. Next year from april on I expect to have more time.

Bwah, I have to shoot down the all-time-beeping car alarm across the road, this is madness!
cu around

wait ...
I feel I have to upload something, though having backup-chaos.
this is some paintchat practise from june, new things to come ...somewhen

Reference: Nikia Phoenix Reference photo Nikia's blog

Reference: photos taken by Jason Paul, no direct link since he deleted them

collab with Maxim:

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