Thursday, April 29, 2010

I nearly forgot

to post the finished picture. Not much change though

Next time I'll introduce some illustrated children's books to you :)

I just dug out my Rap Playlist with some Cypress Hill songs being on it, yeah! Painting flows better now :D
What came into my mind listening to the lyrics, does anyone know the MTV Cribs with Redman? If you don't know check it out, it's easy to find and absolutely worth a look! Normaly I don't watch shit like MTV Cribs and urge the person next to me to turn the TV off, haha, but luckily I stumbled upon this. You will laugh your ass off, it's different (=normal and down to earth), it rocks! :D


  1. Thank , Juliane!

    I really love your work~~
    really unique style.

  2. Ich find das Bild so klasse *_____*
    mehr davon!