Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey fellas!

As you might know I was @Leipzig and Bologna but when I came back to Hamburg I had to sort some things out first so I didn't take the time to blog. Now I am back

This semester I wasn't accepted for the first Illustration class I wanted to join (but now I am happy I was not :D) and the second course I was interested in was so overcrowded that I joined another course. Now I am attending a course where groups of 5 to 6 people illustrate the human rights declaration. I was interested in the theme from the beginning but I doubted I could manage to illustrate such a complex theme. Also I'm a bit sad the project with Mara and Humpel didn't fit to that course but on the other side I really love what I am doing now :D

Starting from Friday ~7PM until now I sat in front of my pc - updating my galleries, networking, viewing thousands of fantastique illustrations, finally painting some stuff myself. Now I'm feeling like a geek though I slept inbetween B) but I am inspired and motivated like hell so it was the right thing to do.
And I told my watchers that I'm alive, that's a good thing, too xD
Now I have to finish some other stuff first but I feel like painting monsters ♥

I wonder if someone ever reads this shit or if you only look at the pictures, haha
Whatever! Thank you for viewing! ♥

It's from 2009 but I didn't show it yet. First draft of my character Sulamith

I edited these illustrations and corrected some things. Please have a look!

Illustrating a scene from Kirsten Boies book 'Nella Propella' (she's a German childrens book writer from Hamburg)

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