Monday, August 04, 2008

Pride Parade Hamburg 2008

I was at Christopher Street Day Parade at Hamburg and took some photos. It was fun, see you again next year! :D

Note that I recently seem to have some webspace problems: sometimes the images won't load immediately or it will tell you the image doesn't exist. Just wait a little or try it again after a minute. I hope they will fix this during the maintenance at August 8th.


  1. Nice pictures, still using 350D?

  2. Are you Asep who loves fishing? XD
    Long time no see!
    Yep, I still use my 350D

  3. Yes, this is Asep who got smallest fish. :)
    Are you wearing Palestine scarf? I think that rockstar style. :D

  4. Hello Ju!

    I like the costumes, and everything about Germany, I'm glad to know you!

    Have an excellent day!

  5. Hello Ju! I'm just stuying like a bookworm German Language because I will be living there the next four years... Greets!