Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fear me, I'm back

and going to be more active again, soon.

I wrote my last entry some days before I moved to Hamburg with only one little suitcase. For two weeks I lived in a very small room without internet access. As if this weren't bad enough already my Wacom driver didn't work! :( That was the beginning of my painting and internet break.

March the 3rd I moved to a shared flat with a superduper roommate. I have a small bedroom which has been empty until now but I definitely will buy a huge 180x200 bed! And I have another room where I built up my working space. I know, it's quite chaotic and the bedcover in front of the window will be replaced with jalousies as soon as I have the time and money to buy some! Dont laugh .. oh wait I have to laugh at it, too X'D

March the 10nd university started. Although it has been relaxed up until now I had a lot (of other things) to do but recently I start having more time to do things like surfing, mailing and painting. As the title states, I'm back :D
Some asked me about the HAW (the university of applied sciences I attend). At the moment I really don't know what to tell but since there seems to be great interest in that school I'm planning on writing an entry on it sooner or later. Note me if you have specific questions and tell me the topics you'd like have to be covered.
If I receive no complaint about it I will write that entry in German since it's a German school.

To be honest I don't know yet what to do with ARTi.. leave it like it is or make a one man army blog, wouldn't change much anway. Tell me? Wanna join? Soloblogging is boring. Not that I don't like it at all but.. yea, you probably know.


  1. It is nice though on that photos it might not look as if it is! Visit me when you're in England?
    Since when are you female Mr sexy voice? lol... XD